About Me | Maryam Reda

- 2015 to 2018 Licenses in English studies linguistics major.

These years were the precious years of my life when I had to work hard to accomplish my dream and acquire the language I love, which is English, it wasn’t easy in the first year, but still, with my determination and persistence, I graduated in only three years.
What I have learned in these years is that we can reach whatever we want with hard work,
take risks, and don’t be afraid to speak in front of other students and your teacher. Speak your ideas out loud to be heard.
Choose your friends carefully, be with people that motivate you to study, people with positive energy.
Finally, I would like to thank all my teachers for the hard work they have done for us.

- Connect Institute's experiences

Here is the most beautiful place in my city Agadir, where I have learned discipline and co-working values. A place where you can practice arts, literature science when you can read, write, draw and sing. You will find the support you need, people who understand and motivates you to improve yourself.
I have learned in this institution to reorganize my priorities in life. Education doesn’t have a limited time, as we are breading we have to seek knowledge.
Reading is the key to enhance your thinking level, to improve your self-confidence, being aware of what is happening around you, and the key to a decent life.
I have participated in this program’s” CAVA” competition of visual art Agadir. I have learned how to write scenarios and directed a short movie under the theme of ”living together.” it was a wonderful experience, and I discovered my love for cinema.

- 2018 to 2019 professional Licences in analyzing and writing cinematography and audio-visual.

FUCLA 2019

After one year of knowledge and training in the cinema and audio-visual field, I graduated from IBN ZOHER university with a professional license with a lot of experience. The most remarkable ones are participating in the international festival of cinema and the sea and the international university festival of cinema and literature that our department organized.
In the same year, I give birth to my lovely little girl Silya. It was the most challenging year in my life, yet the most productive one

-work experiences

primary school teacher at Malik Ibn Anas Private school Agadir

December 2020 - September 2021

Teaching for one year was enough for me to gain many classroom skills, such as: 

  •  Developed and implemented a well-rounded curriculum designed for students aged 6-10.
  •  Encouraged the social development of students by facilitating meaningful playing opportunities.
  •  Encouraged students to engage in the world around them by introducing them to exciting and provoking subjects and things.
  •  created and fostered positive relationships with students’ parents and family members.
  • provided various hands-on activities to promote critical thinking skills.
  • Monitored and recorded the progress of students and created plans for improvement,
maryam reda