Horror Movies

Horror Movies “by Stephen King and “Why Vampires Never die “by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck hogan.

          When we speak about Monsters, the image that immediately pops up in our mind Is a giant creature that might have three eyes, big hands with tall nails, and huge teeth. The last thing that comes to mind is a beautiful human being like a vampire or someone we meet at the supermarket smiling at us but inside his van, his next victim. In many books they have described monsters as a creature that looks like human or human themselves in the book “Monsters” by J.Hoffiman, Andrew, there are two articles that speak about our desire for monsters and why we crave them how to deal with them in our modern society.  In this research, I am contrasting. “Horror Movies “by Stephen King and “Why Vampires Never die “by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck hogan.

 The two texts have plenty of similarities, they both tackled how do we look at monsters and how we use monsters in horror movies and vampires to experience our deeper darker desires safely without destroying society, and they allow us to live vicariously through them, on the other hand, the two texts differ in the way they explained this issue, Stephen King explained that our desire to hurt people without breaking society, instead Del Toro and hogan talked about to not only giving into desires but also they talked about how the monsters changed to take our fears on the outside.

       The existence of monsters differs from one culture to another. King, Del Toro, and Hogan share one common idea: the myth started with the existence of humans. However, they contradicted how to define Monsters. For King, monsters first excited inside us and we live through them vicariously, by having and living through their experiences that’s why we need them. In contradiction, Del Toro and Hogan. Related the monster’s existence like vampires with the start of an ancient need to enforce taboos that one of our evolutionary ancestors may have been cannibalistic then these stories came as a warning from society to not eat each other And we need them to overcome our fears and take them out. Del toro and hogan tried to encapsulate the fears of ancient times to not feed on each other and make these actions taboo. On the other hand, they both agreed that humans crave monsters, although the way of craving them differs, “The vampire pandemic serves to remind us that we have no true jurisdiction over our bodies “(Del Toro and Hogan). We crave monsters because they allow us an eternal youth and instill in us something that every societal construct such as low religion and social norms, seeks to quash a primal lust and desire. On the opposite side (King) “the mythic horror movies … deliberately appeals to all what is worst in us. “That is what makes us feel fun and real. Watching horror movies helps us to get rid of those tendencies without hurting other people. Those monsters in horror movies are the mirror of our souls they are the things that make us rebel against society mentally but not physically.

Del toro and hogan talked in their text more about Fear, Fear of death and fear of viruses, and things that we still don’t understand and that’s why vampires stay alive because we can update them, they’re no longer in our stories mythical being but they are now created of science. In contrast, Stephen king tries more to improve that all of us have this inner need to hurt people and why does our society doesn’t allow us to hurt people he said “ our emotional and our fear form their own body”  by the word body he meant a psychic body, not a physical one and this psychic body demands its own exercise to maintain a proper muscle tone, certain of these emotional muscles are accepted even exalted in civilized society according to him there is other emotions are not, and we need to control and keep them inside if we take them out we will not have a good functioning society and that’s why society tamps down these supposed urges that we have to hurt people because we build up good living conditions.

Monsters take the mundaneness of our humanity the boring part of being human

 For King, monsters inside us need to be maintained so they won’t come out and hurt us. Del Toro and Hogan Vampire don’t really talk about hurting people they talked more about fear, fear of death and fear of viruses.

      We can see a big contradiction between the writers and how they defined monsters; each one sees a monster from his point of view and the elements he reads or heard about

The contradiction appears in how and the way they explained many issues like the desire they both said that we desired monsters but they tackled it in a different way.